Monday, November 19, 2007


I lied. the "first-ever literary work of my youth" may not be a book of poetry after all, but instead a poetic fable that I wrote last Febuary... Is it a stoy? Is it science-fiction? Is it science? Is it fantasy? Is it philosophy? Is it theology?! ...

Well, my answere is, it's just supposed to be a story, but it is, in sincere fact, all of these most wonderful things. I hope you will enjoy it. I'm currently searching for a magazine that will publish it, because, at just over three pages long on 8.5x11 paper, it is too short to recieve its own binding, but it still, for I guarrentee it, contains more story and is more potent than most of the mainstream fiction of today. Hard to believe comming from the author, but as other writers would know, one can be his own best friend, or his own worst critic, and the latter of which is definately me. ^_x

Friday, November 2, 2007

Coming Soon: Freebeez 4 U

I want pens. Lots and lots of pens.

I've got the type picked out already, too; I just need to find out where they come from...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Slogan Idea:

"Clipboard Studio; One can never be too attached."

UPDATE: Actually, now I have an infinitely better one, but wearther I should make it a slogan (since it makes little to no logical sense) or a theme (either for the website, a story, or a collection of paintings), I haven't decided as of yet. I'll reveal the idea when I decide.