Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Coming Soon: Clipboard Studio Business Card

Gosh darn it, I need a logo.

One Possibillity: Free Exibit

I know this one chiropracter who's office likes exibit different artists from around town... So, as soon as I get some prints available for sale, I'll ask if they'd like to showcase me. :-)

However, this will probably take at least six months.

Coming NOWHERE NEAR Soon: LaB & KbM

My science-fantasy novels. :) *rubs hands together eegerly*

It may be years even, before I can publish these. But, I am working on them now, and the scale they are reaching is utterly massive, with self-imposed standards of excitement and originality aiming for, literally, higher than the sky... :)

Just letting you know what I'm working on. (As I sew cloaks, I think about fairies and mad-scientists, and the world as it would be only then... *zones-out duh-duh-ing a little tune and continues to work and to dream as though the two seperate acts were one in the same*)

Till then, and only then... :-)

Coming Soon: clipboardstudio.com

The website, too, is in progress.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Coming Soon: Deep Sky

"Thinking of crossroads and directions
composing of echoes and reflections...
Flipping through my recolections
rediffining my preconceptions..."
"I say nothing
because there's too much to be said.
I want to loose my memory
and finally move ahead."
"'Poor guy,' I thought,
But even then, I had already forgot
What it was like to stand in his presence,
to dine at his table, and hear-out his essense."

If only my spelling were as refined as my poetry. :-)

Watch the shelves of your nearest bookstore in the coming months for the first-ever literary work of my youth, entitled, "Deep Sky".

Coming Soon: Cranium

Miniature origami you can barely see.......by the bucketful!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Question: Attend Conventions?

The One With the Clipboard is wondering if she should get a table at the Renaissance Festival this year so as to vend her fine cloaks to the most willing of the public... *shifty eyes; misty voice; mysterious smile*

She is also wondering if it may be wise to offer a parallel service at the San Diego Comic-Con in two or three years to come?

Soon, oh so very soon, cloaks will be available for purchase here, at Clipboard Studio, on the web. So, fear not if you happen to not be local. :-)

  • Pictures of more cloaks coming very, very soon.